Mandala Maker is a beautiful pleasant art experience.


Make something you love today :)

Not only can I make and export beautiful patterns, but it is also a wonderful and relaxing process! Quite enjoyable!
— JesperToad
I am blown away by all the features of this app! And only $2.99 to unlock it all (though most is free anyway!) I downloaded this app 2 hours ago and haven’t put it down. So many fun patterns and creative options to explore. So fun!
— TheMonkeyGriaffeSpaceChick101
Besides the obvious ease of creating beautiful patterns, what is truly unique is the ability to switch it up, take the mandala off center, add even more, take your creativity to new heights.
I used it first on occasion just for a way to take a break, calm my mind; but once I found all the unique features, I was able to really let my creativity shine.
— Nickn@me