Can you post my Mandala on Instagram?

Can’t hurt to try! Message your Mandala to @mandalamakerapp. I’ll usually post one or two a week and tag your account in the description.


Where are the instructions?

I’m working to keep a running post of tutorials to help with learning the software as well as techniques to help you achieve the effects you’re looking for. Check out the /tutorials section from the menu.
There’s also a very friendly and helpful facebook group for Mandala Makers. Stop on by and see how other people are using Mandala Maker.
The best way to learn is to simply play. There’s no wrong answer. Experiment, press buttons, draw stuff. You’ll surprise yourself with what you create :)


Can I use my Mandala commercially?

It’s your Mandala! Do whatever you’d like. If you make something cool please let me know I’d love to check it out.